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Israeli Ketubah artist Dorit Jordan Dotan lived in Haifa with the beautiful sights of the Galilee from one, and the view of Mediterranean from the other side. Dorit is a graphic designer working with hand drawings, photographs, and computer generated images. For nearly 20 years she has run her own independent graphics studio, Dorit Jordan Dotan says: Before computers I worked by hand, drawing, illustrating and incorporating my own photography. After many years of doing graphic art and design completely by computer I am delighted to return to hand-drawing the Ketubot. It brings me back to physically creating my designs and the direct connection with materials. Dorit enjoys the creative process immensely. Each ketubah is hand-drawn, with watercolors, pencils, ink, and hand-applied gilding. The finished piece is then processed on the computer in order to ensure the highest-quality print. For her exquisite Ketubahs Dorit Jordan Dotan has chosen to use the Giclée printing process, which allows a representation to be as true as technically possible to the original drawing. Some designs have traditional Jewish symbols, and some are just from her inspired by imagination. Mostly when Dorit designs a new Ketubah, Dorit Jordan Dotan blends ancient symbols with modern techniques and biblical quotes. Dorit Jordan Dotan combines traditional and modern texts with original Ketubah art to create for you a personal and permanent testament of your wedding. When planning a wedding choosing the Ketubah, Jewish wedding agreement, is an important step. Dorit Jordan Dotan will assist you in choosing the design and text of your heirloom Ketubah.





Ketubah Art


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HUC-Museum, New York, Curator Laura Kruger (invitational exhibition.

Philadelphia Museum

of Jewish Art

Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York, "6x6 Exhibition",

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Oklahoma

Anne Frank Center USA New York


Melach-Mayim, Haifa, Israel

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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