Israel Ketubah

$170.00 Regular Price
$160.00Sale Price
Israel - Hand drawn by the artist Dorit Jordan.
Colorful, cheerful, with many symbols and scenes of Israel. Quotes written in the background of my photograph of David’s Tower in Jerusalem.

  • Details

    Please choose the text that is right for you. All ketubot are printed by the Gicle'e process, the finest available for high-quality artistic prints. If you wish custom sizes please contact me for pricing.

    Dimensions: 11'.6x16'.5
    Available text choices:
    Aramaic - English Translation
    Conservative Hebrew with Leiberman Clause
    Conservative English with Leiberman Clause
    Egalitarian English
    Alternative English

    Usually ships in 14 days upon order

    We will be in contact by email about names bride & groom and your text choice.

© 2014 by Ketubah Artist Dorit Jordan Dotan.

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