Bereshit Ketubah

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Bereshit- This Bereshit Ketubah by Dorit Jordan Dotan brings us to the creation of everything just as the marriage should be the beginning of the life of the wedded couple. Dorit uses warm watercolors for this contemporary textured abstract illustration. Your Ketubah will be printed from the original in the Giclee method using archival ink and high quality non acid paper for long durability. At the end of the process Dorit adds hand painted gilding and the Ketubah is signed by the artist after printing. Please send us all details as to what kind of text you‘d like to have, date, and names. After you place the order you‘ll get a proof to approve. Only after your definite approval your Ketubah will be printed and sent to you. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or special request regarding your Ketubah.

Dimensions: 16.2'x22'
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    Please choose the text that is right for you. All ketubot are printed by the Gicle'e process, the finest available for high-quality artistic prints. If you wish custom sizes please contact me for pricing.

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