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You can return a non-personalized, standard ketubah print within 14 days of receipt. The ketubah must be in good, unused condition.We will not accept for return any ketubah that has been personalized, customized or hand-painted. Should you wish to return your ketubah, please contact us.Shop Ketubah does not accept responsibility for shipping returned goods.Shop Ketubah respects our customer's privacy. We will never sell, rent or distribute your personal information. Your personal information is used only to complete your order to your satisfaction. We use only secure Paypal channels to transmit credit card and other sensitive information. Any information sent to or used by Shop Ketubah is likewise secured and protected. We reserve the right to change the information and/or goods offered on our website, as well as the terms of use.

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If the legal standing of the ketubah is important to you, you may be advised to take one of two options:a) Choose one of our hand-designed, modern texts that reflects your thoughts and commitments. At the time of the wedding, have your Rabbi bring an inexpensive Orthodox version (usually a small pamphlet) to be signed along with your chosen ketubah. Keep it in a safe place and hang the framed print where all will see it.b) Include the Orthodox text in your ketubah alongside any English text of your own choosing. PLEASE DISCUSS YOUR KETUBAH TEXT CHOICES WITH YOUR RABBI OR WEDDING OFFICIAL. Remember, if you wish the ketubah to be a legal document as well as a beautiful reminder of your wedding commitments, you must treat it with the same careful crafting as any other contract. Witnesses are needed to sign the ketubah in front of the Rabbi and the couple – the qualifications for who these witnesses can be and other details should be addressed before your wedding!!

How Do We Take Care of Our Ketubah?

2010 - present

Your ketubah has been printed by the Giclee print process. In order to prevent the colors from fading and other environmental damage, we recommend framing your ketubah. Please try to use either UV protective glass, or plexiglass. Do not hang the framed ketubah in direct sunlight or under halogen or fluorescent lights. Do not use any framing/mounting materials that are not archival/acid free.

2010 - present

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